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So what’s it all about, Alfie?
Well, grab a coffee, pull up a chair and we’ll begin.
Once upon a time, in deepest, darkest Gower, there lived a woman, her husband, their five sons, and their mad ball-loving Spaniel. The woman’s days were filled with Transformers, Minecraft, football (she loved that), sweaty socks and dirty trainers. Life was good, busy, chaotic even, but she always felt she could do more. More for herself. More for their family. More for their community.
One day, after her usual morning coffee (or 3), she had an idea: what if there was an easy-to-use online hub for people who worked, lived or played in Gower? What if she could bring together like-minded businesses to work together, and build relationships with their neighbours? Was she woman enough for the job? Could she make it happen?
She knew so many hard-working friends who owned businesses on Gower, who worked tirelessly to build their business. One of them being her husband. Mr Smiley.
They spoke, he listened, and she spoke some more. After much deliberation, doubt, and sleepless nights, We are Gower was born. Now all she had to do was share her passion for her business with others. ‘If you build it, they will come’ (she loved a film quote) she told herself, and one by one, businesses big and small wanted to be part of what she had imagined.
Fast forward to now, and We are Gower is just getting started. This is just the beginning.
Every wave starts with a ripple, and a tsunami is on its way, so grab your board and ride this wave with us.
It’s going to be epic!