Mumbles Gin

Meet The Team

Mumbles Gin is a passion project from the team at Mumbles Fine Wines, facilitated by the talented distillers at Juniper Place (Cygnet Distillery) in Swansea’s City Centre.

The project was led by Manager Jon Moore alongside spirits specialist and chairman of the Swansea Whisky Society, Adam Sillman with input from the entire team at Mumbles Fine Wines.

Our Business

Mumbles Welsh Dry Gin seeks to replace your favourite Gin, taking its spot on your Gin shelf. In its development, the intention was to produce a Gin that was as great to drink neat as it is in classic cocktails, such as Martinis and Negroni or simply as a refreshing Gin & Tonic (with a slice of orange).

The DNA of Mumbles Gin is a classic London Dry Gin, classic woody, spicy Juniper leads the way on the nose with a supporting cast of lime and blood orange. On the primary palate, the Juniper still leads the way but now sweet Liquorice and complex spicy Cardamom and Coriander back it up. Then in the mid palate all the zesty citrus notes harmonize and converge. The finish is all about the floral elements. The lemon verbena and orange blossom echo the sublime citrus notes then soften to allow a gentile herbal/floral note not dissimilar to good quality black tea.

Currently working their way through batch No.2 preparations on in the works for batch No.3 and although the style and overall profile is maintained in each batch, the team can’t help but tweak and make tiny adjustments to each iteration.

Contact Details

Addresses: Mumbles Fine Wines, 524 Mumbles Road, Mumbles, Swansea, SA3 4DH

Telephone: 01792 367663