Norton Stores

Category: Shop Local
Location: Norton

Meet The Team

Family owned business with brothers Alex and Jamie. Helping us run the show are Caroline Rowe, Francoise Apsitis, April Jones, Connie Armstrong and Kit Armstrong.

Our Business

The shop we occupy in Norton has been trading non stop for over 60 years as a grocery store and we are proud to keep the tradition alive!

When you pull up outside our store you will be greeted by a wonderful array of seasonal plants, flowers and trees. We always have premium plants and flowers from our trusted suppliers that will make any garden that little bit special.

Upon entering, your eye will be drawn to the period features that still remain. You can pick up a newspaper and your daily groceries from local suppliers.

If you fancy a fresh cup of coffee then why not go and sit in our Mediterranean garden amongst the Olive and bay trees.

It’s peaceful and serene, and you can enjoy a croissant or maybe a Welsh cake!

Contact info

Address: Norton Stores, 9 West Cross Avenue, Norton, SA3 3JG
Telephone: 01792 401723